ll Inverter
Bring home videon Inverter & say good bye to power cuts & power failures

Videon fully automatic Inverters are computer designed and made with the high efficient MOSFET circuitry. These Inverters are equipped  to supply the power automatically, to operate your TV, Lights, Fans etc., at the time of AC mains availability and also at the time of power failure. This will charge your battery connected to it at the time of AC mains availability and it will give the AC mains as out put. When ever the power fails, it automatically switches to Inverter mode and it will give the power using the battery.

Models available:
350 VA, 550 VA, 800 VA, 1000 VA

  • Tranformar with Silicon rich CRGO lamination for maximum efficiency and low power loss
  • Fully Automatic operation
  • Deep discharging and over charging protection to increase life.
  • Overload protection
  • Fitted with change over switch for convienience .
  • Auto reset facility for ease of use.
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