ll Automatic Water Level Controller

Videon electronic water level controller that prevents power loss and water loss, it saves manual labour by switching the motor on and off according to the varying water level in the tank. Made from fine quality components under stringent quality control measures.



The Electronic water level controller consists of a main electronic unit and two pair of floats-one for the sub tank(optional) and another for the overhead tank. These floats continuously monitor the water level in sub tank as well as the overhead tank and sends appropriate electronic signals to the main electronic unit for switching the motor ON or OFF, accordingly. A dry sensing probe fitted to the inlet pipe at the overhead tank helps to switch OFF the motor in case water is not lifted even after a gap of about 1.5 minutes after switching the motor ON.




Working Range       


160V to 260V(single phase 50Hz, AC)


Low Voltage cut off




High Voltage cut off




Dry run sensing delay

:   1.5 minutes

Calibration Accuracy 

:   +_ 2.5 %


  • Advanced Digital Technology
  • Auto/Manual Control
  • Audio/Visual indications of the status
  • Easy to install
  • Magnetic floats for leval sensing
  • Water level reset switch for convenience
  • High and low voltage cut
  • 12 month warranty
  • Dry pump sensing


Used for domestic purpose, to maintain the level of water in the overhead tank, automatically

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